Alco Stand

Functionality of the Time and Sobriety Tracking System:

ALKO Stand

  • The ethanol vapor concentration test is performed in a contactless manner, the results are displayed on the monitor screen, and all events are recorded in the database with a timestamp;
  • The monitor displays employee identification and the stage of the test;
  • Video recording of the employee at all stages of the test;
  • Video recording of the fact of testing by another person;
  • The ability to set a minimum threshold in the range of ethanol vapor mass concentration from 0.05 to 0.45 mg/l;
  • Sending notifications via SMS and/or e-mail to interested parties in case the ethanol vapor threshold is exceeded according to the test results;
  • Tracking the actual time of arrival/departure in the employee database of the enterprise;
  • Storing data in the controller's non-volatile memory for more than 90 days (the parameter "Always" is acceptable);
  • The ability to grant certain users the right to independently edit the list of employees and "access cards";
  • The software has user access rights differentiation. Logging user actions in the system (Operator Actions Audit and System Events);
  • All events are recorded and stored in the Database (on the enterprise server or on the system's built-in storage). Client applications have access to the data, including access via the enterprise VPN network;
  • The client application has the ability to search and filter records by specified criteria, generate summary reports on system parameters, export data to an external MS Excel file, and print reports;
  • Software integration capability with "1C:Enterprise 8" software:
  • 1- Integration of the "BIT: Access Control 8" solution with ACS;
  • 2- Solution "FORMULA: Time Tracking Module" with ACS;
  • The use of the Program is subject to the terms of the License Agreement for the use of the RusGuard Soft software suite;
  • The ability to generate and issue control signals to additional access control mechanisms (turnstiles) and access devices.

Alcohol Testing System

Technical Description of the System:

The time and sobriety tracking system with alcohol testing, pre-installed software, and connection to the enterprise's local network includes:

  • - ebs-010 / contactless alcohol tester for the checkpoint, access control system (analyzer of ethanol vapors in exhaled air) - 1 pc.;
  • RFID reader - 2 pcs.;
  • Monoblock 17" with pre-installed OS Windows 10 Pro - 1 pc.;
  • Photo-video camera built into the monoblock – 1 pc.;
  • Video camera for video recording - 1 pc.;
  • Uninterruptible power supply unit UPS-40 with a 7.0Ah battery - 1 pc.;

Technical capabilities of the alcohol testing system:

  • Analysis time of 1 sample without ethanol vapors - no more than 6 s;
  • System capacity of more than 250 people/hour;
  • Metrological verification is not required;
  • Maintenance (Replacement of the alcohol tester sensor module) - no more than once a year;
  • SMS notifications via a 3G modem;
  • Free software for PC to access system data – unlimited number of workplaces;
  • Software integration capability with "1C:Enterprise 8" software (1- Integration of the "BIT: Access Control 8" solution with ACS and 2- Solution "FORMULA: Time Tracking Module" with ACS);
  • EM-Marine (AIRTAG, MIFARE) cards for employee identification in the system - 50 pcs.;
  • The ability to operate together with an access control system such as a turnstile with an alcohol tester at the checkpoint;

Installation of a stationary alcohol tester for the checkpoint – on a wall or vertical structure.


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